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Buzz & Jrray's 23rd Annual
Summer Solstice Music Festival
 June 7th 2014

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Chester County's Greatest Rock and Roll Bands

We are once again very fortunate to have some of the finest live local bands in the area.  These musicians volunteer their time for this great cause.... and they like playing the Solstice Amphitheatre. Schedule is listed below.


Band / Time

Cheesy Photo

3 pm


Derek Bannister, Dan Cutillo, Paul Martini.

Theses guys are talented musicians from Downingtown West High School.   Gotta develop our local talent. Come early to support these guys.

(Don't worry, Jerry is not in the band, just in the photo)

4 pm

Midnite Blue

Mike Sarcinello, Bob Morgan, Jenniefer Rodgers, Dave Durofchalk, Pete Constantanidis

Facebook Page

6 pm

Hake & Jarema & the Social Pleasure Club

Billy Hake, Matty Jarema, Frankie Butler (his birthday is today), Jimmy Lindsay, Chris Knowles



Late April

April Young, Paul Metecki, Steve Wood, Dave Stags

Facebook Page

8 pm

Steve Liberace Band

Steve Liberace, Steve Pompeo, Joe Roberts

9 pm


Sir Paul Matecki, Ed Liga Explosion, Jumpin Justin Grilli, Mayor Dave Stag