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1942 - 1954

5.bmp (48958 bytes) 1947 U-90 Autocar Trash Collector Deluxe Cab 11:00x24 tires
18 Cubic yard Wood Packer Body
Owner: City of Dayton [Ohio]

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1949 Autocar Gasoline Chassis

Factory photo #35637
Model # U90-173
Date: 3-21-49
Customer:  U.S Navy
11:00x20 tires

7.bmp (44674 bytes) 1949 DC 75 TR Autocar Diesel
142 inch wheelbase W/Deluxe Cab
10:00x20 Tires
Owner: Comet Lines Inc. Allentown,PA.

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Factory photo #37244
Model # DC-100TN
Date: 5-9-51
Customer:  Capital Freightlines, Sacramento, CA
11:00x22 tires

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Factory photo #37283
Model # DCBS-10064
52" Wheel Base Diesel
Date: 5-25-51
Customer:  Union Oil Company, Los Angeles, CA
10:00x22 tires

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Factory photo #37283
Model # DCBS-10064NR
210"-52" WheelBase Diesel
Date: 6-20-51
Owner: W.H. Findley (Contract Log Hauler)
Wallowa, Oregon



37345-DC-10064-N_thumb.jpg (42426 bytes)

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Factory photo #37345
Model # DC-10064N
210"-52" WheelBase Diesel
Owner: Joe J Rossi & Co., Inc.
Contract Log Hauler for Casper Lumber
Fort Bragg, CA
(Info supplied by Oakland Branch)


8.bmp (45934 bytes) 1952 DCS 10064TN-220-52 Autocar Diesel
Cummins 220 engine

Driver Cab by Autocar- Ardmore PA.



1954 Autocar C-65 built by The White Motor Company, Autocar Division,  Ardmore, Pa.
Build Date: June 10, 1954
Model:       C65/182" wheelbase
Chassis Serial #:  40517
Mileage:    24,526 original, as of 7/1/2003
Equipment: Autocar modified driver cab, 9:00x20 tires, TF5 Manual Transmission,  501 "Blue Streak" twin head/dual ignition 6 cylinder engine, FT rear differential, Westinghouse air brakes, Budd disc wheels, 250 gallon water tank, Hale three stage 750 g.p.m. centrifugal pump with push button primer.


On Thursday, November 7, 2002, a piece of Gladwyne Fire Company history returned home. After extensive research and a road trip to a small town outside of Quebec Canada, our 1954 Autocar was found and repurchased from a private collector.

This particular vehicle served the Gladwyne, Pa. community from 1954 until it was replaced with our Snorkel in 1978. It was sold to the Richmond Fire Company in Quakertown, Pa. where it was in service for approx. five years and was then sold to a private collector who moved the truck to Florida where it was partially restored to its present condition. The truck was then sold at an auction and was purchased by another collector who moved it to Canada where it has been since. In November of 2000, the truck made its final trip back to its original owners where over time it will be restored by our members to as original as possible.

This vehicle was built on June 10, 1954, and is the last known fire truck chassis to be built at the Autocar plant in Ardmore, Pa. where the Ardmore West shopping center now stands. The company moved to its new facilities in Exton, Pa., and the original factory, while being demolished, was destroyed by fire on July 31,1956.

We are proud to have this piece of Fire Company history back home, and look forward to having the restorations done and having the truck displayed at our fire station for all to see.



The following are Pictures of a 1950 C 70T Autocar Tractor with a 501 Gas engine, being restored.

9.bmp (41650 bytes) 10.bmp (43414 bytes)
12.bmp (43666 bytes) 13.bmp (19206 bytes)
14.bmp (45682 bytes) 15.bmp (71638 bytes)
16.bmp (49462 bytes)

From yard jockey to the finished product Frames 1950 C 70T Autocar Tractor and its restorer and proud driver resting on the front bumper, Ed Minshall.



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